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Data Acquisition & Testing Services Limited is an industry specialist in engineering test and measurement solutions.

What is data acquisition?        

Our services include:

  • Testing vehicles, structures, products and components to ensure compliance with design specifications, standards and legislation.

  • Measuring environmental parameters including noise & EMC for both industry/public.

  • Process measurement for efficiency, control and fault finding.

  • Digital data logging services mobile, unattended & managed.

  • Fitting of precision transducers, sensors & strain gauges.

  • Data collection (recording) of physical quantities such as stress, strain, temperature, humidity, acceleration, vibration, force, load, speed, torque, voltage, current etc.

  • Providing measured data in multiple formats e.g. Excel, ASCII, Ncode, Matlab, and Diadem.

  • Analysis and reports to meet customer requirements.

  • FE (Finite Element) design model validation.

  • Consulting on engineering solutions from measurement data.

  • CAN bus data protocol & GPS measurements.

  • Instrumentation  & metrology services such as cable manufacture, equipment hire, TEDS.

  • Automation and design of test & measurement control systems for industry.

  • Hire of security cleared, BSSM trained engineers.

  • Project management.

For further information about our services, please take time to navigate our site or Contact Us directly.


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