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Test and Measurement Equipment Hire at Competitive Rates

  • Accelerometers - Single & Triaxial from Endevco, 7920A, 7596, 2258A + other ICP types.

  • Cabling - for instrumentation to fit D.A.T.S. data loggers & transducers.

  • CANbus & Amplifier Modules - ML71, Quantum X, all types of MGC+ Modules.

  • Digital Data Loggers - choose from our industry standard data loggers  from HBM:  MGC+, MGC Split & Quantum X.  Plus other manufacturers available on request.

  • Digital Telemetry Equipment - from Datatel and D.A.T.S.

  • GPS & Dynamics Units - from Garmin, Marconi & Datron.

  • Laser Equipment - from OPTImess

    • Wheel Profile Recorders

    • OHL Measuring Equipment

    • Non-Contact Sensors

  • Load Cells - from Force Logic, HBM & D.A.T.S

    • General & Bespoke

    • Railway Brake Hanger

    • Locomotive Screw Coupling

  • Sensors - from Endevco, HBM, OPTImess, Penny & Giles and Solatron.

    • Acoustic / Noise

    • Linear Position

    • Laser Non-Contact

    • Pressure Transducers

    • Thermocouple & Pyrometers

D.A.T.S. also provide Test & Measurement, Data Analysis and Consultancy to all aspects of industry, so if you hire the equipment, take your measurements, supply the data and we can do the rest!


All devices are available with current calibration certificates.


Training for all data loggers & measuring equipment available at competitive prices.


Please navigate around the site for more information, or Contact Us to discuss your specific needs.


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