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engineering solutions using test and measurement

Data Acquisition and Testing Services are expert service providers in the field of test, measurement, data collection and analysis/reporting.


We carry out on and off site services for:

  • Data Logging/Collection - attended & unattended.

  • Data Processing & Analysis.

  • Engineering & Measurement Reports.

  • Strain Gauging.

  • Transducer/Sensor Fitting.

We can also offer further wide ranging services, such as:

  • Test & Measurement Consultancy - need help or your company has a skills gap? Call on our expertise and experience.

  • Engineer Hire - need an on site commitment for a specific period or project, even an engineer on call?  Use our expertly trained staff to help.

  • Training - let us share our knowledge with our wide range of individually tailored training courses.

  • Calibration & Support - need your measurement chain to be traceable to national and international standards?  We can help!

Let D.A.T.S. also help in:

  • Process Automation - using the latest digital control and measurement technologies, including software scripts and auto sequences (SCADA).

  • Project Management for when the job is just too big & complicated, or you have insufficient resources to meet your deadlines.

  • Engineering Solutions - finding the answer to those tricky engineering/process problems.

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We will gladly quote on any of our listed services and others that are not.



T: +44 (0)1332 875450

F: +44 (0)5603 137103



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